Book Overview

PIE, a food for the hungry soul.

Read Coletta Kewitts essays on life as she learns that patience is everything. It is a book of short essays of how God can use us for his purpose through something as simple as pie.

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Pie Lady

Thoughts and Reflections on Pie and Life
Coletta Kewitt
Illus. by Cynthia Johnson Weed
Westbow Press (132 pp.)
$33.95 paperback, $3.99 e-book
ISBN: 978-1-973663-76-8
July 7, 2020

A debut work combines inspirational thoughts with recollections of warm, fresh-baked pies.

Kewitt’s book is the culmination of a long and touching story that began many years ago. Four years after her husband’s suicide, the author started a “Pie of the Month Club” in Wyoming. Soon, she was using a nearby commercial kitchen to produce 80 pies a month for her customers. She grew into the habit of taping quick, inspirational “pie letters” to the boxes of her wares. After retiring the Pie of the Month Club, Kewitt decided to collect these “pie letters” and compile them in this work, with color illustrations by Weed. In the book’s quick chapters, the author blends her experiences as a pie maker with her personal Christian faith. For instance, in the chapter “Pie-ology 101,” she reflects on the connection between her faith and her passion. “How awesome to ponder how our Creator has put our individual ingredients so carefully together, yet we get to choose our finishing touches, and the temperature settings of the day,” she writes. “Sometimes we’re hot; sometimes we’re not!” This cheerful, upbeat tone fills the volume as Kewitt weaves in her own personal history with the matter of pie making. “Life as the child of a pastry chef would seem so glamorously full of sugar and happiness…wrong!” she writes at one point. “My siblings and I wanted everything that we were not allowed to eat (such is the way of life)!” The author often broadens the scope of her expanded “letters” to include larger looks at life and the natural world of her home. This approach works effectively to make a collection of fairly commonplace faith observations deepen into a more intriguing and involving book. Kewitt’s Christian readers—and of course, all of her former Pie of the Month Club customers—will likely find much to treasure in these pages.

A heartwarming series of reflections on pies and the Christian faith.